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Passionate about Veterinary Nutrition

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I am a 2009 Cambridge University Veterinary Graduate that has worked in the same friendly local  veterinary practice in East Sussex for over a decade.

In 2017 a particular case spurred my interest in clinical nutrition and I began to realise how frequently nutrition plays vital role in the management of so many cases.

Since 2017 I have moved into an exclusively veterinary nutrition role working directly with clients to formulate bespoke recipes for their pets' medical conditions. 

In addition to working with my individual patients, I have worked with fresh food companies all over the world to formulate balanced fresh complete diets.  Since 2018 I have run regular Nutrition courses for both pet owners and veterinary surgeons including the newly launched Entia Accredited Foundation in Veterinary Nutrition with Longview CPD. You can read more about my specific roles below.

At home, I have a daughter, 5 dogs, 8 cats and a farm full of pigs and chickens! 

I have a passion for nutrition and am constantly amazed by the immense (and largely untapped!) power that it has. I hope that my enthusiasm continues to be contagious and that other vets and owners continue to follow me down the veterinary nutrition rabbit-hole that is helping so many pets to live better, longer lives! 

Dr Charlotte Gray MA (hons) VetMB MRCVS

Dr Charlotte Gray MA (hons) VetMB MRCVS


2003 - 2009 Cambridge University, England

2006 -  Masters Degree in Zoology (honours) (University of Cambridge)

2009  - Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (University of Cambridge)


2009-2018 -  Veterinary Practice and Surgery General Practitioner in the South of England.

2018 - Current - Veterinary Clinical Nutrition Consultant at Companion Nutrition.

2020 - Launch of The Raw Vet Ltd Pet Food and Brand.

2020 - Acting member of the UK PFMA Raw Pet Food Board and Veterinary Nutrition Board.

2021-2022 - Head Nutritionist at VetChef UK.

2018-2022 - Commercial Formulation for Fresh and Minimally Processed pet foods for companies in the UK, Spain, India, Dubai, and the USA. 

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