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Online Consults

Veterinary Nutrition Referrals for Dietary Audit and Formulation Online

We offer online services for both healthy pets and pets with nutritionally managed clinical disease.

Bookings for these clinics is online and can be made here

You can read more about Companion Nutrition online services below.

Blood Samples

Online Services


Clinical Nutrition Consultations

Dietary Audit/ Assessment of existing recipes/feeding to assess adequacy

Veterinary history review

Recommendation of suitable existing complete foods (including raw or home-cooked style products)

Supplementation recommendations for some conditions.

This service is suitable for pet owners. For veterinarians looking for assistance with existing cases, please use the veterinary advice service below. 

Dietary Formulation for Healthy or Clinically unwell pets (home-cooked or raw)

Adult Dogs on Home-cooked or Raw Diets (Using FEDIAF Guidelines)

Growing dogs on Home-cooked or Raw Diets (Using FEDIAF Guidelines)

Cats and Kittens on Home-cooked or Raw Diets (Using FEDIAF Guidelines)

Follow Up/Monitoring Consultations

Adjustment of recipes in line with ongoing monitoring from your primary vet (e.g. reducing dietary phosphorus in response to recent renal profiling)

Veterinary Advice Service

For Veterinarians and qualified nutritionists only - to review history (dietary and veterinary) to determine whether nutrition is likely to be contributing to disease/suitable ways to address diagnosed conditions.

All clinics are available for Canine and Feline Patients


You can find prices for consults and formulation on our booking page here

External services including blood sampling, profiles, urinalysis, genetic testing are not available for online patients and ongoing blood/urine monitoring will need to be undertaken by your primary care veterinarian. 

Important information - Veterinary History

This is a referral service. Owners may book their own appointment but veterinary history MUST be received before the date of the consultation. We recommend that you request your vet forwards this history to as GDPR means that we are no longer able to acquire your pet's history without your primary vet requesting verbal permission.  If no veterinary history is received by the consult date, your nutrition consult may need to be postponed

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