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Clinical / Therapeutic Formulation

Select your Nutritionist using the drop down menu and book.

This service is to formulate a complete and balanced recipe for a dog with a medical conditions.


The service include:


  • Veterinary history review

  • 60 minute Zoom consult.

  • Formulation and Detailed Report (sent to both you and your vet)

  • 3 months of follow up.

You can opt to formulate recipes that are raw or home-cooked.


Recipes are formulated to meet FEDIAF nutritional guidelines and to current Veterinary Clinical Nutritional guidelines for the condition concerned. 

Veterinary history is required for any clinical formulation and final reports will be forwarded to your vet for their records. We need veterinary history to arrive before your consult. Please contact your vet and ask them to send veterinary history to before the date of your booking.

Common Conditions:

- Pancreatitis 
- Renal Failure 
- Food Intolerance/Allergy 
- IBD or IBS 
- Acid Reflux 
- Urinary Stones (Urate, Struvite, Oxalate) 
- Behavioural Support 
- Cardiology Support 
- Cognitive Support for Elderly dogs 
- Bespoke weight loss diets

More Information: 

Formulations are undertaken by Dr Charlotte L Gray MA (hons) VetMB MRCVS. I am a 2009 Cambridge Graduated Veterinary Surgeon with further study and experience in Clinical Veterinary Nutrition, but I am not a 'Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist'. If you feel that you require a board certified nutritionist, please drop us an email and we can put you in contact with one. 

On rare occasions, it may be necessary for me to cancel your booking prior to the Zoom consult and redirect you to a Board Certified Nutritionist where I feel that the case requires it. In these cases, full refund is provided. 

Your Right to Cancellation: If you need to cancel, please email as at Cancellations requested with 5 days notice or more will be refunded. If you require a late notice cancellation, a partial refund will be considered at our discretion but is not guaranteed. 


Insurance Claims:

This is a veterinary service. As a result it may be possible to claim on insurance if the condition is covered. We cannot offer 'direct' claims, but we are happy to fill insurance forms free of charge (UK ONLY) where appropriate, so that your insurance company can consider reimbursing your fee. 

I've been redirected to 'VetChef' - What does this mean? 

I have recently joined forces with VetChef to allow me to offer a more streamlined service. It does not change the nature of your formulation, but the combining of our resources does mean we can now offer: 

  • Better holiday cover- As a one man band, up until now I have been unable to take any 'holiday' without knowing that my clients would then find it difficult to contact me. Combining forces with VetChef now means that, in the event that I am away, you will be able to contact one of my trusted colleagues at Vet Chef. (Please remember never to delay seeking medical advice if your pet is unwell - your own vet should still always be your first port of call if your pet is unwell). 

  • Better follow up - There is now 3 months of  (reasonable) follow up included with consultations. 

  • Use of the Vet Chef Online Portal which allows you to keep an online record of your pet's reports, adjustments and communication online for easy access. 

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