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Veterinary Formulation Services 

Companion Nutrition offer Veterinary Recipe Formulation services for healthy pets and pets with medical conditions. 

Formulations are designed to adhere to FEDIAF nutrient Guidelines and up to date clinical guidelines where appropriate. 

Formulations and consults can be for any kind of food including commercial foods, home-cooked recipes, or raw foods. Each formulation is for one recipe. Follow up varies depending on service selected - please visit the booking page for more detailed information.

You can book all consultation services online using the online booking link below.

Healthy Dog Formulation

Bespoke Raw or Home-Cooked Formulation for Healthy Adult Dogs 

A bespoke recipe based on the information in your intake form that is Complete (FEDIAF) and Balanced.

 Clinical Formulation


Raw or Home-Cooked Formulation for Pets with Medical Conditions

A bepoke recipe created to be complete (FEDIAF) and balanced, and to meet existing Veterinary Clinical Guidelines

Puppy Formulation


Raw or Home-Cooked Formulation for Growth

Bespoke Formulation for Puppies. Formulations meet FEDIAF guidelines for growth, and include a kcal based feeding guide that adjusts as they grow. 

 Consult/History Review


History Review plus a 30 minute consultation.

A consult for when you do not plan to prepare a recipe at home, but where you might look to supplement an existing complete product. 

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