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Puppy Growth Formulations

This service is for formulation of a recipe for Growth. This service is suitable for puppies from 4 weeks to adult weight. 

Recipes can be formulated to be fed raw or cooked. All are formulated to meet FEDIAF nutritional guidelines for Growth. You will have the opportunity to tell us what your dog likes, and which ingredients you have access to during your Zoom Consult. 



Please note - in almost all puppy recipes, a few specific supplements will be required - for example, Vitamin E and Zinc. We will recommend gentle and bioavailable options for these with links to show you the precise product. 

Importance of Nutrition in Puppies: 

Correct Nutrition is vital in puppies. Puppies have a limited ability to control absorption of nutritions in comparison to adults. This, combined with their rapid rate of growth, means that they are vulnerable to nutritional excesses and deficiencies that can predispose them to developmental diseases like elbow or hip dysplasia. Accurate formulation provides a way to feed a recipe based on whole foods that you know is complete and balanced. 

Calorie Based Feeding: 

We also include an accurate calorie based feeding guide for puppies. Feeding guides based on % bodyweight are inaccurate and can predispose to puppies being under or over fed, so we feel strongly that all puppy diets should be based on intelligent calorie calculations - not guesswork. 


Your recipe and report will take a maximum of 2 weeks from the date of your booking. In most cases it will be sooner. 

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