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(Online) Dietary Audit Only

Audit of your dog's current diet to assess balance.

  • 1 h
  • 50 British pounds
  • Audit Returned Via Email

Service Description

This service is for audit only and is conducted by email. Turnaround time is 1 week from the date of your booked slot. Please do not worry about the time of slot booked as all is conducted via email, but your intake information will need to have arrived by the time of the slot. This service analyses the likely nutrient content of a home-made recipe or diet to determine whether there are likely to be nutritional deficiencies. Please note - we recommend that 'balance over time' is over no longer than 1 week so please submit no more than one weeks worth of ingredients. This service does NOT include reformulating or correcting the diet, but we can direct you to suitable services should this be required. After booking your slot, please forward a detailed food diary to Your diary should contain ALL foods fed including the weights. If dry or wet foods are fed, brands, full name and amounts (in g) are required. For home-made foods, provide exact ingredient (for example - "chicken wing, with bone, with skin, fed raw" or "Beef Mince 5% Fat" and weight (in g). You should also include all treats and supplements.

Contact Details

Furnace Lane, Rye, UK

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