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Pregnancy and Lactation Formulation

Formulation of Bespoke Complete recipe for pregnancy and lactation

  • 30 min
  • 125 British pounds
  • Zoom and Online

Service Description

This service is for formulation of a bespoke recipe for a pregnant bitch. Recipes can be formulated to be fed raw or cooked. All are formulated to meet FEDIAF nutritional guidelines for pregnancy/lactation and includes a table guide to enable you to adjust feeding dependent on the number of puppies that are born/being raised. You will have the opportunity to tell us what your bitch likes and which ingredients you have access to or prefer in your intake form and during your Zoom Consult. Whilst we can avoid some ingredients (e.g. for cost or availability reasons), pets with allergies or intolerances should not use this service. Pets with clinical history of allergies (skin or gut disease) require veterinary history review before formulation and require more specific dietary adaptation and follow up above and beyond ingredient choice so any pet with a history of allergies should book the clinical consult instead. Supplements: Please note - in most recipes some nutritional supplements will be required - for example, Vitamin E and Zinc. This can be achieved with recommended multi-supplements or individual human supplements. If you prefer the latter, we will recommend gentle and bioavailable options for these with links to show you the precise product. Calorie Based Feeding: Recipes are calculated to provide accurately for caloric needs. Nutrient density of recipes are adjusted to suit your own dog's calorie requirements to ensure that even relatively inactive dogs with low calorie intakes still obtain optimal levels of nutrition. Timeframe: Reports are generally returned within 2 working days of your consultation unless additional information is required/requested. Follow Up: There is no specific follow up included with pregnancy or lactation formulations with the exception of assistance adjusting kcal needs if more or less puppies are born than expected. There is opportunity to discuss ingredient options within your consultation slot and zoom consult. You should make sure that you have a clear idea of what your dog likes, which ingredients you can access/afford before this consult as ingredients cannot be changed after without incurring additional charges.

Contact Details

Furnace Lane, Rye, UK

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