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Veterinary Advice/ History Review

This service is for Veterinary Surgeons and Nutritionists

  • 30 min
  • 40 British pounds
  • Online Services

Service Description

This service is intended to support veterinary surgeons and non-veterinary nutritionists in possible nutrition cases. This service is not intended for owners. This service offers a review of veterinary history in combination with dietary history (taken by yourself) to assess: - Whether nutritional disease is likely to be contributing to a clinical picture. - Suggestion of further nutritional testing if appropriate (vets only). - Suggestion of nutritional adjustment and supplementation that may be appropriate. Examples: Dermatological cases where zinc, retinol or fatty acid imbalances may be contributing to poor skin barrier/inflammation/other clinical signs. Weight loss or gain cases - determine whether weight loss or gain is reasonable or unreasonable given dietary history to guide further testing or dietary management. Adding supplementation to commercial non-prescription low fat diets to support dogs with pancreatitis who will not or cannot eat existing prescription foods (to bring nutrient profile into line with existing prescription recommendations) Non-veterinary nutritionists who require assistance in deciding how best to adjust nutrient profile when dealing with multiple (or conflicting) conditions, or to assist in interpreting veterinary acronyms or terminology. This list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure whether this service is what you need, please email me at In some cases, further nutritional services may be recommended (for example dietary audit or formulation, referral to board certified nutritionist). You will be asked for your RCVS number (vets) or qualifications (nutritionists) upon booking. You will be asked to email history and dietary history prior to your booking time. You can attend the zoom meeting in person/phone OR the consultation can be conducted entirely by email. Please advise in your intake form which you would prefer.

Contact Details

  • Furnace Lane, Rye, UK

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